5kits How to avoid the 5kits.in scammer

A lot of people have seemingly been scammed out of money by buying hgh from the scammer and not receiving their gear.

+ 5kits.in is the scammer

Other 5kits scam sites





The background

5kits.com was an original website that specialised in selling minimum 5 kits of HGH hence the name. The powers that be eg legitscript got the site closed down and so the owner had to get a new site up and running. In the meantime somebody hijacked the brand name and created a site called 5kits.bz. The new site created by the original owner was 5-kits.bz so you can see where the confusion lay. If you ever want to order from the 5kits website always make sure you are on [https://5kits.bz] and not 5kits.in

5kits.bz=good you will get your gear
5kits.in=bad you will get scammed

the best place to buy HGH is here

You can always tell when you are being scammed if you are asked to send money to China by western union. NEVER send money to china by western union you will never see it again.

If you go to the 5-kits link on the top menu this will take you to the genuine site. Another way you can check that you are using the genuine site is if you want to pay by bitcoin (15% discount this way) insist on only sending the bitcoin to the below bitcoin address.


So thats the news. Hope we have been os some help and stopped you getting ripped off.

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